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Gl'amourXx Designs LLC

Glass Beer Cans with Bamboo Lid 12 oz and 16 oz

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Shine up your home/party decor with these stunning 12 oz and 16 oz glass cans! Look at their amazing look. Can be used as is, add vinyl decals for more character and BEST of all can be sublimated onto. Comes with plastic straw not glass straw.

They are dishwasher safe but wouldn't recommend to use the dishwasher if you are adding decals or sublimating so it doesn't damage the image(s). Can shatter if dropped, glass is durable but please handle with care. Please avoid wetting the bamboo lid to prevent mold, if wet please dry immendiatly.

Sublimation settings per manufactor:
*375-400F if using a mug/heat press for 4-5 minutes - light to medium pressure
*Oven 400F for 7.5-10 minutes. I did use a sleeve - same process you would do on a sublimation stainless tumbler.


Please do use your own judgement when sublimating as it all depends on the oven/ mug press you are using. I sublimated with the oven and i did 375 F for 15 minutes and it worked prefectly. I did use a shrink wrap around the decal area to give the pressure the decal needs to sublimate.