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Gl'amourXx Designs

Double Wall Snowglobe Lids

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Double wall snow globe lids.

These lids fit on the studded tumblers, jeweled tumblers, grid tumblers, double wall tumblers.

If you want water/solution to float please do proper sealing to avoid any spill, I highly recommend UV RESIN. Note I do not process refunds or replacements if it leaks so please do your proper research.

*3.75" in dimension
*1.31" in depth

They can fit the 16 oz and 24 oz lookalike Starbucks dupes as well the original Starbucks double wall tumblers. Can fit many other double wall tumblers too. I have personally tried them on the 12 oz- 24 oz tumblers I have on my listings and they fit perfectly.

Material is acrylic and will have some manufacturer marking or scratches etc, please do not purchase if you are not okay with that as I do not process refunds due to this matter.

***I have not tested these lids on the stainless/metal Starbucks tumblers so please do not message me asking. Measurements are listed above***