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Gl'amourXx Designs LLC

Glow in The Dark Yellow Rhinestones - 1,440 pcs

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Glass Luminous Yellow Rhinestones

Rhinestones have a flat back and are non hot fix. Strong adhesive is highly recommended for permanent placement of these stones. Can be used on tumblers, shoes, clothes, mirrors, phones, nails, etc.. for any crafty ideas you may want them for :)! 
**Pictures were taken using ss20 rhinestones - in order for me to take a picture with the glow I put under a UV Lamp for 90 seconds**
Please note that in order for the rhinestones to glow they HAVE to observe SUNLIGHT OR UV LIGHTING.

Sold in quantity of: 1,440 pcs
Material: Glass
Shape: Round

We offer them in 3 sizes all are sold in a ziplock bag and in quantity of 1,440 pcs.

*ss12 - 3mm
*ss16 - 4mm
*ss20 - 5mm