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Gl'amourXx Designs LLC

5.25L x .25W x 3.5H Photo Slate Rock Sublimation Plaque

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This listing is for the 5.25x3.5 photo slate

We offer 4 different sizes (each is listed separately) on these sublimation photo slate rock plaques.
Gloss finish

* 5.25L x .25W x 3.5H inches
* 7.5L X .25W X 5.5H inches
* 11.5L X .25W X 5.5H inches
* 11.5L X .25W X 7.5H inches

Press with a sublimation heating pad
Make the image a little bigger to make sure you are covering all of the slate

Sublimation setting:
Heat Press
400 degrees Fahrenheit with medium pressure
7 minutes (420 seconds)

Please do your own judgement on the heating settings as they can vary based on the heat press you are using.